Solaro Energy’s unique product line includes multiple variations of solar powered attic fans & LED lighting. All of our products are designed for residential or commercial applications, built with the highest quality materials. The Solaro Aire™ & Solaro Day™ are long-lasting, reliable, and maintenance-free products returning measurable economic benefits to your home or office.

Learn all about the detailed specifications of the Solaro Aire, solar powered attic fan & gable attic fan.

The World’s Most Advanced
Solar Powered Attic Ventilation System

During the hot summer months, your attic can reach temperatures of up to 160°F, making your home warm and uncomfortable. The Solaro Aire™ extracts the heat from your attic, keeping the temperature and your AC bills down! A great replacement for the old noisy turbine vents.

Start enjoying the benefits of solar powered, full spectrum, natural sunlight in your home, office, retail outlet, school, or factory with the Solaro Day.

The World’s First
Solar Powered Natural Light Fixture

Start enjoying the benefits of solar powered, full spectrum, natural sunlight in your home, office, retail outlet, school, or factory. The Solaro Day™ can be installed in any location, there are no limitations as compared to a traditional tubular skylights.

Prevent moisture damage, mold, and reduce the radon levels of your home, with the Solar Energy Crawlspace ventilation system.

The World’s Most Powerful
Solar Powered Crawlspace Ventilation System

The Solaro Energy Crawlspace ventilation system is the best way to reduce dangerous mold growth, severe water damage, and deadly radon in your home.

Prevent air stratification with the Solaro Energy Destratification system!

The World’s Strongest
Solar Powered Destratification System

The Solaro Energy Destratification system is perfect for creating the perfect environment inside your home, office or warehouse. Generally hot air rises to the top, while cold air sinks. The Destratification system will keep the environment mixed, reducing overall heating and cooling costs!

Regulate the temperature of trailers with the Delivery Truck Ventilation System.

The World’s Greatest
Solar Powered Delivery Truck Ventilation System

The Solaro Energy Delivery Truck Ventilation system will regulate the temperatures of truck trailers, without consuming any of the trucks power. This will be very beneficial to the transportation industry, as truck trailers can reach extremely high temperatures!

The Roof Bilge Pump will allow you to quickly and efficiently remove large puddles of water from on top of your flat roof!

The World’s Quickest
Solar Powered Roof Bilge Pump

The Solaro Energy Roof Bilge Pump will allow you to quickly remove water built up on top of your flat roof. Those who live in homes with flat roofs know how important it is to remove this water before it creates a leak!

The Solaro Energy Off Grid Solar System is the perfect way to offset or completely get rid of your energy bill!

The World’s Easiest
Complete Solar System

The Solaro Energy Off Grid Solar System will allow you to easily and conveniently, offset or eliminate your energy bill!

Prevent mold and moisture damage as well as mitigating deadly radon with the Solaro Energy Basement Ventilation System!

The World’s Best Performing
Solar Powered Basement Ventilation System

The Solaro Energy Basement Ventilation System will help remove access humidity and moisture from inside your basement. This will prevent the growth of mold, as well as costly water damage. Not only that, this ventilation system will help greatly reduce your homes radon levels!

All of our solar powered attic fans & LED lighting products are eligible to receive a 30% Federal Tax Credit on both the cost of the product and installation. To learn more about tax benefits, please visit out Tax Credits page. Our team of authorized dealers are located throughout the United States and foreign countries to assist you with your home & office installations.

All of Solaro Energy's products are high-quality, energy efficient durable products that provide long-lasting, reliable, and maintenance-free performance returning measurable economic benefits to our customers.

Helping the Earth Stay Green.

At Solaro Energy, we are committed to helping the planet stay green. We are focused on preserving the environment with green products and promoting off-grid independence. We have over 15 years experience in harnessing solar power, and over 25 years experience in manufacturing energy efficient products.

Solaro Energy Inc. sells directly to approved dealers. Any Solaro products available for purchase online are likely to be counterfeit. Please order from an approved Solaro dealer to ensure you receive a trusted product.