How to Make a Woman Happy

A little over two years ago my wife, Emilia, and I moved into our current home. Since that day she has been complaining that it was just, too dark, in other words, lacked that cheerful feeling every home should have. It was trivial to identify the problem occurring. There simply wasn’t enough light being let in through our windows, and standard incandescent lighting was doing little to alleviate the dreary symptoms. Much like the cobblers children living without shoes, my wife and I, the inventor of the Solaro Day™, were living without the rejuvenating energy a well lit home provides.

Eventually, after two long years of darkness, Emilia sat me down and told me enough was enough. We had planned for the installation of Solaro Day™ skylights during the design phase of our home, so now we were going to put these plans into action. Over one short weekend, and with a little help from a friend, I installed a total of sixteen Solaro Day™ skylights throughout our home. Boy am I glad I did, as the Solaro Day™ skylights immediately brightened up our lives, literally.

The installation process couldn’t have been easier. All said and done, my helper and myself were able to install all sixteen lights in just under eight hours, for a total of sixteen man-hours from start to finish. The goal for this installation was to brighten up the entire home, so I knew I wanted to put an Solaro Day™ skylight in the dining room, the hallways, garage, and most importantly for my darling wife; in the laundry room, master closet, bedrooms, and kitchen. Once we had decided on how many lights, and where they would be installed, I could begin the installation procedure. Due to the amount of Solaro Days™ being installed the installation was split across two days.

The first day was spent installing the two solar panels. Each Solaro Day™ fixture runs off of 30W, so it is important to choose panels that will provide adequate power. In my case I needed 480W, as such, the two panels I used output 250W each for a total of 500W. Once the panels were installed we still had time to install four Solaro Day™ skylights. Two went in the garage, one in the laundry room, and one in the hallway.

The second day we installed the remaining twelve additional skylights, some of which were equipped with the day night kit. This kit allows the use of Solaro Day™ at night when there is no sunlight to hit the panel. This can be especially useful in places like the bedroom.

With the installation complete our lives were illuminated in a whole new way. Emilia couldn’t have been any happier! No more struggle to apply her makeup in ill lit areas; no more difficulty in coordinating wardrobe colors in shadowy closets; and goodbye trouble finding spots that need a little extra attention when doing the laundry.

That’s not all! Another exciting feature offered by the Solaro Day™ skylights is that they help to control your circadian rhythm. That is to say, in the morning, as the sun begins to peak its’ head above the horizon, the Solaro Day™ emits a friendly, warm, low light; as if to simulate the sunrise. The Solaro Day™ then gets brighter throughout the day as the sun travels overhead. Finally, in the evening, as the sunsets, the Solaro Day™ slowly dims out, simulating sunset.

My wife was so ecstatic when the installation was finished, that she ran outside collecting up the neighbors to show them what we had done. Needless to say, the woman in the neighborhood were very excited, many of which asked how they too could have Solaro Day™ skylights installed in their homes. Not only did the Solaro Day™ skylights brighten our home, they brightened our smiles! As they say, a happy wife means a happy life.

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