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Thanks for your business! Without you we can’t succeed. Here are a few testimonials we received from customers. If you have a testimonial of your own and would like to be featured, please call Solaro Energy at 1-888-355-5SUN. We look forward to hearing from you!

We have been so impressed with the Solaro lights that we have replaced all thirty lights in our home with Solaro lights. This may sound funny but these lights have changed our lives for the better. Thank you Solaro Energy Company for brightening our home and our lives.

Bill & Laura
Prescott, AZ

The attic fans works as is it supposed to. It is extremely quiet, as I cannot even hear it operate. I assume the attic is cooler than it would be without it. I am satisfied!!

Chino Valley, AZ

I think it’s doing its job. It hasn’t broken down or anything. I bought a gable fan and would get another one if I moved. I would recommend the product to friends. I had the fan installed along with radiant barrier at the same time and my electric bills are from 17% to 22% lower than last year even though this seems to be a hotter year.

Chandler, AZ

The solar fan has cooled my attic down tremendously and I have noticed a temperature change in our living quarters since we installed the fan.

Gilbert, AZ

We are very pleased with the fans. They have allowed us to lower our AC usage.

Mt. Dora, FL

We bought the solar fan for the attic because it was so hot! Now I don’t mind going up there because it’s cooler, there’s a breeze and it isn’t costing me any more money out of my pocket!

Culpeper, VA

Fan is very quiet. Cannot hear anything inside of home. Very hot in AZ now. Fan is running constantly to keep attic cooler.

Buckeye, AZ

I do like the solar fan. It, coupled with quality windows and substantial attic insulation, keeps the room very comfortable in summer heat.

Grand Junction, CO

I did a lot of changes to my house last year, solar blanket, your fan and solar panels. I have had a great reduction of my power bill since the changes. Your fan works fine. If I listen closely I can hear it upstairs.

Phoenix, AZ

I installed my system last Saturday. Installation was VERY easy! The results are awesome. My wife loves how the kitchen looks now!

Orlando, FL

The fan was installed efficiently… and immediately started working upon installation. I do believe the temperatures in the attic have been reduced!

Williamsburg, VA

I saw the fans at the International Builders Show and decided to purchase two of the fans to replace existing hardwired fans in my own home. The Solaro fans are extremely quiet and maintenance free. Installation was simple and their operation is efficient.

North Potomac, MD

My Solaro Aire Attic Fan is so quiet and reliable I forget it is on my roof.

Cedar City, UT

The Solaro Aire Attic Fan seems to be extremely reliable. I can hear it run (when I go to the area where it was installed) all year round. SoCal gets a ton of sun so it’s truly a test of reliability. It appears to be doing its job in moving attic air. It’s ideal for this climate. You don’t have to think about this unit.

San Pedro, CA