Brighten up your store.

The Solaro Day™ LED light fixture can improve the appearance of your products by displaying colors clear and true to their nature – all while using less energy. These LEDs produce the highest color rendering, brighter output & longer life span than basic LEDs. Your office or retail store will benefit from this full spectrum lighting.

Brighten up your workspace.

The right lighting for your workplace or home office can make the hardest of jobs feel brighter! Having a Solaro Day™ installed can help increase the brightness in your office making you feel more alert & focused, and a lot less worried about high energy bills.

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Brighten up your home.

Creating a positive & happy environment in your home can improve your overall well-being. The Solaro Day™ provides simulated natural healthy sunlight that makes bright happy spaces with the same full spectrum light as the sun. Brighten up you kitchen, bedroom, or hallway all while keeping the energy bills down.

Brighten up your facility.

Bring simulated sunlight in to those dark production facilities & warehouses with the Solaro Day™! Create a brighter work environment for your staff and increase the visibility while manufacturing products. See your products in true color before they hit the shelves.

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