Crawl Space Ventilation Systems

Solaro Energy would like to welcome the new year with a brand new product, the Crawlspace Ventilation System!

This solar powered system is perfect for ventilating your crawlspace, which helps remove moisture, prevent mold, and helps to cut down your energy bill!

Not only that, our solar powered crawlspace ventilation system will help to remove dangerous radon from inside your home. It does this by moving the gas to the outside of your living area. Our high quality, industry leading system, is the best thing you can do for your home!

Designed and manufactured in the USA! Please call our customer service line for additional information:1-888-355-5SUN


Crawlspace Unit

• 20Ft LongMain Ducting

• 2x 15 Ft. LongSecondary Ductings

• 12 Inch DiameterMain Pipe

• 8 Inch DiameterSecondary Pipe

• 20W MulticrystallineSolar Panel

• V Shape Twin HeadAir Distribution

Crawlspace_housing_Solar Panel

• 12 Inch ReinforcedAluminum Fan

• EngineeredBrushless Motor

• Five IndividuallyBalanced Fan Blades

• SilentWhisper Quiet Operation

• Optional27, 37, and 40 watt solar panels

• OptionalHumidistat

• OptionalManual Switch

Helping the Earth StayGreen.

At Solaro Energy, we are committed to helping the planet stay green. We are focused on preserving the environment with green products and promoting off-grid independence. We have over15 years experiencein harnessing solar power, and over25 years experiencein manufacturing energy-efficient products.


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Solaro Energy products are eligible to receive a 30% Federal Tax Credit on both the cost of the product & installation.