Solar System Estimator


Use this estimator to help figure out what size solar system will fit your needs.

To start, enter the amount of kWh you use per month. This information can be found on your electricity bill.

Then, choose the amount of your energy cost you would like to offset.

You will also need to select the average peak sun hours for your location. This can be done by selecting a city that is close to your location.

The Derate Factor is used because batteries aren’t 100% efficient, and neither is converting from DC to AC. Typically this value is set at .85 (Which is the Default), but can be adjusted to fit your needs.

You can estimate the total cost of your system by entering an estimated cost per watt. You will also need to enter the cost you pay your electric company per kwh, typically around $0.141. The Cost Escalation per Year is then used to calculate price increases over time.

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