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    How long will a solar panel last?

    A well-made panel will last for 20 to 25 years. If after this period the cover has started to deteriorate, it is relatively inexpensive to recover the panel and it will operate for a similar period of time.
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    Do the Solaro solar panels need direct sunlight?

    No. Ordinary daylight is all that’s required. As long as the product is placed so that the solar panel is not obscured by hedges or under a roof overhang, it will gather sunlight and transform it into DC power. It is important to clean the glass surfaces of the panel to remove dust and debris on a regular basis. Dirt will seriously affect the panel output performance.
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    How long will the Solaro products run during the day?

    Solar products require direct sunlight for maximum efficiency. Factors such as placement, cloud cover and time of the year all affect operating time and intensity. For best results, solar panels should be placed in open areas, away from bushes, trees or structures that cast shadows on the unit’s solar cell.
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    Can I use the Solaro Aire™ or the Solaro Day™ at night?

    You can use the products at night if you want to run them off battery or off the existing AC in your structure, through an inverter. Ask your sales person how to accomplish running the Solaro Aire™ or Solaro Day™ at night.
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    How easy is it to install the products?

    It depends on what product is purchased, the skill level of the installer and location of installation. In general, your Solaro Aire™ attic fan can be installed by a professional in about 1 hour and a Solaro Day™ Daylighting product can be installed in under 1 hour.
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    Does the Solaro Day™ require any maintenance?

    Only an occasional cleaning of the solar panel is needed to ensure optimal performance. It is important to clean the glass surfaces of the panel because dust and debris will seriously affect the panel output performance.
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    What is the life span of solar lights?

    Our lights have been tested to 20,000 hours and the expected lifespan of the Solaro Day™ is 50,000 to 100,000. Replacement lamps are available.
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    What other benefits are there to the Solaro Aire™ attic fan and Solaro Day™ lighting products?

    The main benefits to you are in energy cost savings and that they are easy on the environment. There are no running costs and they are environmentally friendly!
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    What type of batteries are used in Solaro Energy Battery Backup Kits?

    All Solaro Energy lights use special gel cell batteries which perform extremely well under harsh environmental conditions. They are sealed, rechargeable batteries that provide a large energy capacity for their size and deliver extremely reliable power output over a long period of time.

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